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Epilepsy is a chronic disease affecting about 0,5-1% of the total population in Europe needs an individualized therapy with antiepileptic drugs.

Patients are suffering from different types of epileptic seizures that occur at varying intervalls and in many cases. A longterm, sometimes even lifelong, therapy with antiepileptic drugs is needed. The main goal in epilepsy treatment is to achieve seizure freedom which can be achieved with antiepileptic drugs in about 70% of the patients. 

Tolerability as well as compliance aspects also play an important role. Therefore optimized galenic administration forms are important (e.g. extended release formulations that allow a once daily treatment regimen and often offer a better tolerability profile).

Other treatment options, like epilepsy surgery, or neurostimulation (e.g. invasive or non invasive Vagus-nerve-stimulation devices) are also available.  Desitin attempts to continue to provide not only optimized antiepileptic drug formulations but also information material, that may help people with epilepsy to live their life as carefree as possible.